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Why Are Dental Exams Important?

At Dali Dental, we believe diagnostic dentistry is key to maintaining your overall oral health. Through routine dental exams, oral cancer screenings, and digital x-rays, we are able to get a deep look into your mouth and catch issues early on. A routine oral exam identifies tooth cavities, periodontal disease, cancer of oral tissues, and different issues that could be impacting your dental and overall health. These routine exams let Dr. Dao Pham study your teeth, gums, bite alignment, jawbone, and additional oral features and can be the best path to the immediate detection and management of dental problems. In order to keep up with the wellness and look of your smile, set up a thorough oral exam at our Plano, TX office soon.

Oral Cancer Screening

Reportedly, 50,000 United States citizens are diagnosed with oral cancer every year; however, this condition can be highly manageable if diagnosed immediately. Oral cancer is an irregular accumulation of cells that could take place anywhere inside or around the oral cavity, including on the mouth, face, tongue, salivary glands, jawbone, or neck, along with additional oral structures. Dr. Pham performs an oral cancer evaluation during each yearly exam to detect precancerous cells, malignant growths, or other concerning areas. The most common symptoms of oral tumors consist of sores, masses, bulging or coarse areas, and discolored regions. Certain spots of concern may be taken out and analyzed, or you could be referred to a specialist for thorough treatment.

What Are the Benefits of Diagnostic Dentistry?

Diagnostic dentistry allows our team of oral health professionals to accurately identify and treat any underlying problems in your teeth or gums. At Dali Dental, many of our patients in Plano, TX notice a variety of additional benefits due to this service, such as:

  • Building a rapport with our healthcare team
  • Spotting potential oral health issues before they cause problems
  • Finding more effective dental treatment plans
  • Increased confidence in patients' overall oral health

Who Should Get Dental Exams?

Plano, TX patients of every age need to get dental checkups at least once yearly for comprehensive treatment. Dental exams can also be carried out as necessary to assess tooth sensitivity, injury, and additional localized problems that might develop between visits. Gum disease, the main reason for missing teeth and cavities, might not cause clear signs to develop until the later stages. If dental problems are found promptly, we can frequently provide more conservative solutions for treatment.

The ADA (American Dental Association) states that all children should visit their dental practitioner before their first birthday. For individuals at a young age, our dental professionals can target several concerns (like new teeth growing in and thumb-sucking) and guide you in cleaning your child's teeth and gum line as their jawbone tissues develop. Regular, thorough oral exams may help your children form great oral habits early on and allow them to attain bright smiles for a lifetime.

What Can I Expect During A Dental Exam?

Dental exams at our Plano, TX office begin with a discussion about your medical history. A team member may also talk with you about any oral problems or cosmetic smile desires you have to learn more about your overall oral well-being. At particular annual visits, a series of advanced cone beam x-rays will be taken to give Dr. Pham more awareness of the health of your teeth and oral bone structures. He could then conduct a screening for oral cancer, evaluate the evenness of your arches and jaws, and examine your teeth for decay, as well as the wear of any dental appliances. A gum screening can also be performed to discover any areas of periodontal disease.

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Protect Your Smile With Preventive Care

Getting a clean smile means more than simply visiting a dental practitioner when you experience a concern. Routine dental exams at Dali Dental allow for early diagnosis and treatment for dental conditions and are critical in preserving your dental wellness. Plan your family's annual dental assessments with Dr. Dao Pham at our Plano, TX practice soon!

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How often should I have a routine dental exam?

Most dentists, including Dr. Pham, recommend a routine dental exam every six months, although the frequency can vary based on your individual oral health needs. Consistent check-ups are essential for early detection of issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Are digital x-rays safe?

Yes, digital x-rays are considered safe and offer several advantages over traditional x-rays. They emit up to 90% less radiation and provide high-quality images that can be easily viewed and stored electronically.

What should I do between diagnostic dentistry visits?

Between visits, it's crucial to maintain good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and avoiding excessive sugary foods. If you experience any issues or abnormalities, consult your dentist right away for guidance.

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